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Metaphysical terms
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Metaphysical terms
and definitions.


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In addition to the physical body we each have a body of subtle energy. Similar to the physical vessel, the energy system has it’s own myriad components, functions, complexities and mysteries. Knowledge of subtle energies is ancient, originating with mystics and shamans who served as community healers and conduits for such information. From these individuals came millennia-old energy balancing practices such as yoga, qigong and acupuncture. These practices continue today along with more recent modalities such as reiki, pranic healing and various modalities of energy transmission. This evolving knowledge of nonphysical energies merged with pioneering discoveries in modern physics, quantum mechanics and psychology has ushered a new era of metaphysics.

Subtle energies are known by many names: qi, prana, ether, Odic force, life-energy. Particle physics has helped reveal the holographic nature of reality. Matter once thought to be tangible is actually made of atoms and molecules – tightly packed configurations of energy, each orbiting at speeds and vibrations that make them appear tangible.

Our own bodies are composed of these energies, frequencies and vibrations while other subtle energies flow throughout the auric field. The etheric structures through which these energies flow include chakras, dantians, meridians and channels. The auric field itself is composed of multidimensional energy strata that include mental, emotional, astral, etheric and karmic bodies.

In addition to our natural bio-energetic systems there exists an array of energies that can be considered external and foreign. These are comprised of cosmic and earth energies, and may emanate from other beings, locations, objects and time-space events. These foreign energies may serve positive or negative functions – constructive and supportive or destructive and malignant.

A healthy, nourished and aligned energetic system will make for not only enhanced vitality and function but also momentous change, with the power to positively transform the human soul experience and all within that purview.


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At the human core is an essential form and true identity: the soul. It is the aspect of self that transcends incarnation with clarity of intention and impartial preference of experience. It remembers every moment of incarnation and knows every aspect of self. The soul is the immortal vehicle of experience and bridge to the limitless resource of creation.

Upon each incarnation the soul integrates with the mind-body-spirit system. As a structural agreement, the mind has free will and the ability to override soul intent. Within earth experience distortions the mind can take precedent from a young age, operating from fear-based motivations, programs, limiting beliefs formed from what it has seen, heard and been told. Ego-mind dominion can hinder if not halt soul participation, leading to myriad forms of stifled growth, suffering and duality experience.

Contact and communion with the soul opens a channel for immediate knowing and aligned decision-making that yields the most significant results. To become the embodiment of that inner being is the highest calling, most aligned path and fulfillment of soul purpose.


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For every individual on earth there is a greater team of nonphysical beings, including the counsels known as Spirit Guides. These guides are beings of service and light. Each person has their own unique team of guides, here to aid and assist the human life experience.

There are many types of guides with respective personalities, gifts and areas of expertise. There are master guides, relationship guides, health guides, protections guides, and more. These beings help us navigate and work through the many challenges of our lives with incredible patience and unconditional love.

By making contact and building relationships with spirit guides, new heights of insight, perspective and healing can occur. Initiating contact opens the door to nonphysical team members including ancestors, power animals, nature spirits, Ascended Masters, the beings known as angels, and other helper-spirit allies. This contact strengthens intuitive knowing, soul transformation, and the incredible power of a personal bond with higher guidance.


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The physical universe is built upon dynamic energy blueprints known as grids. There are earth grids underlying oceans, lands and consciousness itself. There are also mechanical grids that either positively support or negatively affect every component of our physical and spiritual bodies.

Health symptoms reveal bone, blood and organ grids that are likewise affected or influenced by foreign energies. Clouded thinking and emotional distress relates to mental and emotional grids while disruptions to our day-to-day lives can have their root in respective relationship, work and financial grids.

Collapsing and releasing adverse or outmoded grids will free a living system to flourish. Repairing and balancing essential grids will makes for enhanced function while aligning them to higher-dimensional templates produces the optimal health, energy flow and positive manifestation desired.


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In the field of psychology it is widely accepted that most of our motivations and actions stem from a region that we are either mostly or totally unaware – our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is where beliefs and programs take root, either to ground and support the living system or to occupy and challenge it.

Whether from our parents, society or higher-guidance, we are ever-absorbing new ideas, understandings and ways of doing. Beliefs that resonate as authentic, supportive and aligned can be identified as truth. Those that are divisive, conflicting and fear-based can be considered programs – beliefs and thought patterns that are destructive, distracting, illusionary and fundamentally untrue.

By deprogramming the mind of limiting beliefs, baseless fears and illusions, soul truth is able to be accessed with ease so that decision making and action come from place of alignment and life is allowed to flow with the synchronicity of it’s design.


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Contracts are energetic agreements created at the nonphysical template level determining much of what we experience individually and collectively on earth. Awareness of these contracts is at times conscious but in large part subconscious. These agreements cover everything from minor daily interactions and events to major life experiences, soulmate relationships and lifelong themes.


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While contracts are often written subconsciously and with higher dimensional support, vows are 3rd dimensional pledges made on earth. Vows form into energetic imprints when a commitment, allegiance or promise is pledged or oathed to a person, organization or ideology. These may include vows of marriage, service, chastity and poverty.

While many vows serve a purpose and function during a particular place and time they may also continue running long after they are needed. Releasing past and present-life vows that are limiting or no longer relevant will allow for new allies, romantic alignments, opportunities and freedom of will.


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Astral projection, also known as out-of-body-experience, is conscious travel into the realms of spirit. The astral plane serves as a dimension for everything from healing, teaching and learning to testing possibilities. It is home to the numerous aspects of self, those who have crossed over, and the greater networks of spirit guides and nonphysical allies. While an out-of-body experience may coincide with a near-death experience, it is possible to develop the skill of astral projection through meditative states and induction techniques, freeing one to explore the other dimensions and realms of existence.

On earth we are occupied with physical reality, seemingly separate from our higher self, greater reality and home in spirit. The ability to hear our ancestors and spirit guides can fall quiet. Aspects of our outgrown selves can cry and act out for help, looking to us - their future selves.

Astral projection is a quest of the soul that can directly reconnect us to our greater selves, traversing the bridge between spirit and earth. Through guided meditative states, spiritual journeys allow the participant to experience the nonphysical planes, retrieve fragmented aspects of self and receive guidance, tools, support and healing. Astral projection is a direct means to spiritual experience and the knowledge that human beings are more than their physical bodies.
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